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What is a Wedding Planner?

Essentially, a Wedding Planner is a professional whose expertise and contacts can turn your wedding into a day of absolute perfection. He or she is the lynch pin for your event; the one who will locate the services and suppliers you require; who will negotiate contracts; mediate and manage the various companies involved in your day and ensure that everything runs like clock-work. Popular alternative job titles may include Wedding Coordinator, Wedding Consultant, Wedding Designer or even Wedding Specialist. I will use the terms interchangeably throughout this paper.

The job of planning weddings is great fun. However, as with any other job in this world it is not all plain sailing. Planning a wedding with the expectation that it will be a day to eclipse all others can take an unbelievable amount of time and effort, to say nothing of the stress and worry! There are ups and downs, periods of great joy and times of immense stress and pressure. Weddings are events that are dreamt about: some brides have imagined walking down the aisle in a pure white dress and a tiara for 30 years or more! It is certainly a challenge unlike any others you may have come across before. And when you add both work and a hectic, pre-wedding social life to the equation, often the feat seems monumental. It is an honour not to be taken lightly.

Why Use a Wedding Planner

Nowadays, with so much to do and such relatively little time to do it, employing a professional wedding consultancy is increasingly seen as a sensible way of ensuring a stress-free engagement and potentially flawless wedding. In the USA it is the norm: the majority of couples getting married use a Wedding Planner. It is a huge industry providing couples with an invaluable service during a period in their lives when stress and worry should be banished and time is of the essence.

Slowly but surely couples in the UK are waking up to the realization that a Wedding Planners are not simply a luxury reserved for the rich and famous. Nowadays a good Consultant is just as familiar with organizing a small and intimate family gathering of 12 as an extravagant party of 500 or more. Using their expert knowledge of the industry together with extensive databases and links to leading suppliers an established Wedding Planner will have the foundations on which to build a perfect wedding. They will give you unfettered access to every supplier in the country that fulfill your requirements. Unless otherwise instructed, their priorities lie solely with the couple, their wedding objectives and the all-important budget. And when you find a Consultant whom you trust and feel comfortable with, you may be sure that these elements will be managed wisely.

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